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Connecting With My Wanderlust


                                                          Manali, January 2017.
                                        I'll share a bit of that journey with all you readers.
Me, with my family started out drive for the mountains early morning, 4-5 am
to be somewhat exact. Manali is a hill station, a part of the Himalayas; in 
the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. We drove off from Delhi and drove the
 near-1000 kilometres to reach Manali around 8 at night, of course only after
 eating, singing, napping and doing a whole lot of other "car-activities"
 along the long journey. So, the same day, after almost a 1000 kilometres and
  hours of driving, we reached Manali.

First thing we did when we reached was find a cozy hotel. We found one from where we could hear the sound of the Ganges' water
flowing. We ordered food that day to our room itself as we were too tired to go to the local mall-road to eat. Once that was
done. We watched some TV, planned our activities for the next day; and slept. I remember the temperature was around -9C
that night. So, we time travelled to morning. This morning we discovered why we could here the Ganges flowing from our hotel.
When I stepped into the room's balcony, I saw the most beautiful scnery I had ever seen! Huge snow covered mountains straight
ahead of me, tree cover covering the valley reaching towards us, only to be interrupted by the mighty Ganges flowing just 20
metres away from us. It was surreal!

We took our pictures and headed to the local market to fill on some much needed breakfast. I'll share the further part of the 
trip with all of you in my next post.


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